Slim America
Weight Loss Project

The Slim America Weight Loss Project is now available worldwide!

The Slim America Weight Loss Program is the ultimate Dietless Slimming System for permanent weight loss.

The Slim America Weight Loss Project was established for 3 primary reasons:

  1. To discover the difference between teaching this Powerful weight loss program online compared to teaching it live.
  2. To establish the best way to deliver this "Precious Knowledge” to you.
  3. Spread this Knowledge worldwide, as economically as possible.

The first 2 have been accomplished, and now we move on to Phase 3, and...

The First Lesson is Free!

Step one: Watch the "Never Diet Again" short Video (8 min), then sign up for the first Lesson "Dietless Slimming 101" and you'll never look at weight loss the same again.


The Slim America Weight Loss Project represents a Major Breakthrough in permanent weight loss.

It's the Most Powerful Permanent Weight Loss System on The Planet.

It's completely Dietless, it's Easy, and it Works with Everyone!

Since its inception in 1996, not one single person has ever come back and said: “I followed your system and it did not work”....NEVER!!!

The Results of the Slim America Weight Loss Project Are in, and...

We Are Now in Pre-Launch
With Lots of Pre-Launch Specials



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  1. A "Breaktrhough" Natural Weight Loss Booster!
  2. How to get All the Lessons & Support Classes world wide!
  3. The 3 Essential Factors for a Successful & Permanent Weight Loss Program. Plus...
  4. How to have "Lots More Energy Naturally", And...
Much Much More

The Dietless Slimming System Will Reveal...

Major Breakthroughs in Permanent Weight Control

It's the last weight loss program you'll ever need, because...
Dietless Sliming is for Life!

Why go on a Diet, only to gain it all back?  Because...

Every single Diet will slow down your Metabolism, and it's Guaranteed that you will gain back more than you lost on the Diet, so...

Why settle for Temporary Weight Loss?

The Slim America System is much easier and faster than any diet program!

So why Struggle & Starve Yourself?

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