The Slim America
Online Weight-Loss Center
Saves You Money

The Slim America Weight-Loss Center is the Ultimate in a comprehensive weight-loss System and Support Center that has everything you’ll ever need, at your fingertips, and...

At a Fraction of the Cost
Offline Weight Loss Centers

The Goal of our Dietless Slimming Program and our weight loss center is to show you the "Simple Solutions" to your weight problem, so you can keep it off for...

"The Rest of Your Life"

No need to leave home...

Everything Is Online
And As Close As Your Computer

All of our facilities including our Public Meeting Room, Reception Room, Supporting Websites, and also...

Our Private Members Only Area, which includes a Discussion Forum, and the Members Lounge where we facilitate all of our Support Groups Meetings, etc, so...

You never even have to leave home for the complete program and support in our weight loss center, and so you have...

Live Support
At the Click of a Mouse

Of course we have all the usual online support tools in our weight-loss center, but the Foundation of our Support System is our interactive Audio Conference Rooms that have all the bells and whistles, so...

You Actually Get to Speak
To a "Real-Live Person"

The Meeting Rooms in our weight loss center also have "chat", so in case you don't have a microphone in the beginning, you can type in a question and hear the answers live on your computer speakers.

So it's the best kind of weight-loss center because it saves you time and money.

Weight Loss Centers are Not Cheap

I don't have to tell you about the prices they’re charging in regular weight loss centers these days, as all you have to do is pick up the phone and make a few phone calls, to find out that going to a weight loss center is not cheap!

Where does your money go?

So where does all your money go when you go to a weight loss center?  Well first of all, we all know, that there's some pretty fat profits in the weight loss business, then there's Management and employee salaries, and all the other overhead like, lighting, heating and air conditioning, and also most weight loss centers have to be in prime and expensive real estate, and you're paying for that expensive weight loss center, and for what?

What are you Paying For
In a Regular Weight Loss center?

Generally speaking, just so that you can have someone else weigh you at the weight loss center, and tell you to try harder, to try and stick to their unnatural diet.

The average cost of most weight loss centers, is going to set you back between $3-$500 per year, minimum, and that’s not counting all the stuff they want you to buy, but the bottom line here is, that there is a serious chunk of your money, going for fancy overhead in the weight loss center, but we've come to accept having to pay a certain price to go to these clinics, and here's how the weight loss centers scam you of your money online…

Now that weight loss has started to go on the Internet, all the major weight-loss clinics have their online programs, but their prices are still way up there, and yet…

The overhead, for running an online operation, is just a tiny fraction of the cost of maintaining a regular clinic, in a prime Location.  So they are pocketing all the extra overhead money, at your expense.

We Pass the Savings on To You

Why do you need an expensive downtown clinic, when live support is as close as your computer?

I’ve also made the Business decision, to rely exclusively on internet traffic & word of mouth for our new Students, because guess who pays for those expensive TV ads in Prime Time…

“You Do”!

So our online weight loss center saves you a lot of money, and...

As a result, you can take our Dietless Slimming Program, and get all your Support in Our Online Weight Loss Center, for just a fraction of the cost of attending a "Bricks and Mortar" weight loss center.

But That's Not All...

With our online weight loss Center you also save time because you don't have to drive to some downtown weight-loss center, wasting time and gas driving in traffic, etc.


Unlike in a regular weight loss center, you`re not going to run into a gossipy neighbour coming out of the weight loss center, because you never leave your home for support, so you have the best of both worlds...

Up-Close personal Support, and yet total privacy because your support group in our online weight loss center could be from all over the Planet, and everyone is there for the same reason as you, so you`ll make lots of new friends.

So check out our Main Page to get all the details about our Dietless Slimming Program so you’ll understand what’s involved in our weight loss center.

And  do listen to the Dietless Slimming Workshop, you`ll be glad you did because it will change how you look at weight loss and weight loss centers.

There are many differences between our weight loss center and an ordinary weight loss center or clinic.

Permanent or Temporary Weight Loss?

The First Major Difference in our weight loss center, is that we only share knowledge and tools which will lead to "permanent weight loss", so if you're only looking for temporary weight loss, you'll have to go to some other weight loss center, but...

That won't be a problem for you because over 99 percent of all weight loss centers, clinics, and weight loss Doctors in North America, focus exclusively on temporary weight loss, because that's how they keep you coming back, year after year!

Oh, you may play musical clinics or musical weight loss centers, but you're still supporting the temporary weight loss industry.

The next difference in our weight loss center as I mentioned above, is that you don't have to leave your home to attend consultations and classes.

So you don't need to deal with the time and expense of traveling to a clinic, look for a parking spot etc., instead...

Just turn on your computer!

If you want the benefit of a Support Group, which of course is absolutely critical to your success, then you'll have all that in our Live Audio Conference Room (Classroom) which is in our online weight loss center.

Of course you'll still have the benefit of having a trained permanent weight loss professional to guide you to permanent Success.

As part of the Slim America Weight Loss Project, We'll teach you everything you'll ever need to know to become Permanently Slim.

Get all the details on all the "Latest Scientific Findings" in permanent weight control.

Check our Main Page for the details on Our Program & Weight Loss Center

You'll be glad you did

Have a nice day!

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