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 Click the "Talk Now" button at the lower left-hand corner of the room window.  You have to hold the talk button down while talking.

After you click & hold down the Talk Now button, wait 1 or 2 seconds before speaking, and hold the button down for 1 or 2 seconds after you're done speaking, so your speech is not cut off.

If no one is in the room with you at the moment click on the Contact Form, because You'll notice that we have "no" email addresses published on our Entire Site, otherwise...

We would get thousands of Spam & Junk mail to sort through, instead...

We prefer to invest that time more productively such as giving you more Live Support instead of sorting through Junk mail.

Click Here for Main Contact Form

Using the forms is the quickest way of reaching us. All other email goes to the bottom of the PILE.

Technical Problems

Problems with Registrations, Tech problems in the Classroom (can't get in), Audios which might not play etc.

Many People cannot receive our emails due to “Spam Filters”. So if you do not receive an email reply from us within 24 hours, more than likely your spam filters blocked our reply email, so...

If you don't get a reply from us, just drop in the Member's Lounge during published Support Class times to sort it out.

For any other problems..

Use Our Main Contact Form Above

In the small white window to your upper right (under "Active Buddies"), you should see...

The Login name which you typed in to enter!

If your name is the only one, then no one is in the room at the moment, so use the Contact Link below.

If one or more names are above or below your name, then someone is in the Room Now, however...

They may not "See You", so you'll have to... Say Hello.......