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low cal diets

Going on low cal diets repeatedly, will Guarantee that you stay Fat for Life. The main problem with "ALL" low calorie diets is that they slow down your Metabolism, and...

With a "Slowed Metabolism", when you go off the low calorie diets, the weight returns "Real Fast". Stop Kidding Yourself!! Just look around you. How many people do you know, "Who Kept it Off"?

Benefits of low cal diets

There Are Only two Benefits to low cal diets:

1. They give you the Illusion of Success

2. They make the Diet Clinics Wealthy

The initial success on any low calorie diet is just an illusion because, when you return to the way you were eating before the diet, your weight Will Plateau "Higher" than it was before!

Just in the USA and Canada alone, we spend about $50 Billion a year for Weight Loss, and yet the Failure Rate is believed to be over 98% and even the 2% who do manage to keep it off, do so with Great Difficulty.

Then when you return to the Diet Clinic after regaining all the weight plus some extra, the Clinic makes it seem like regaining was "All Your Fault" for not sticking to their "Maintenance Diet", when in reality, the Major Contributor was their calorie restricted diet, so...

In reality the Weight Loss Clinics are creating their own "Repeat Customers" and charging you Big Money for the pleasure. What a Business, at Your Expense!

Another big problem on a low cal diets is that your body is not getting enough nutrition to remain healthy, and therefore...

The longer you stay on the diet, the hungrier you get, until finally you "Just Can't Stay on It Anymore"! Your body is Screaming at you that...

I'm Starving, Give Me Food!

Another big problem in this Starvation Mode (Dieting) is that your body starts to consume muscle tissue to Survive, and...

Since about 90% of all the Fat your body burns, is burned by Your Muscles, YOU ARE DESTROYING the very thing that can make you and Keep You Slim. Realize that the only way you can Rid Yourself of the Fat you already have, is to burn it off.

The Main Thing is for you to invest the time to educate yourself about the Realities of Weight Control, and it will pay you back for...

The Rest of Your Life

So forget Low cal diets, and you'll be glad you did.


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