Taking Laxatives to Lose Weight?

Laxatives for Weight Loss - Is taking laxatives to lose weight successful?
That depends on what kind of weight you want to lose by using laxatives to lose weight.
If you’re constipated, and have lots of un-eliminated food waste in your colon, if you take laxatives which are successful in eliminating that problem, then yes... the next morning when you step on the scales you will have lost some “weight” (from your colon), however...
Can taking laxatives to lose weight result in “Fat Loss”?
First of all, taking laxatives to lose weight is not a good plan because it can make for lots of harmful side effects.
Yet people are looking for an easy way to lose weight, and have been told that the only alternative is working real hard and struggling for the rest of your life.
Nothing could be further from the truth, but trying to lose weight quickly with laxatives... is definitely a no-win situation.
One reason is that the body can easily become dependent of the laxatives if they are used constantly, and then the body might not be able to function without them.
Of course that’s a nice bonus for the “Drug Industry”, because...
According to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, over four million Americans suffer from regular constipation, spending about $725,000,000 every year on over-the-counter laxative products.
If you have a constipation issue, then...
Stop eating the donuts or pop tarts because they’re a quick breakfast.
Eat low fat foods and veggies. Drink lots of water and/or “high water content” food; go for a brisk walk every day.  Eat lean meats such as chicken and fish. Opt for whole wheat and other whole grains instead of white breads and pastas. All common sense really!
Taking Laxatives to lose weight can be dangerous for anyone trying to take the easy way out by trying to lose weight with laxatives, because that can cut your life short.
On the other hand... Fibre helps build up the stools and keeps the waste moving around in the intestines. Some high fiber foods are whole grains, fruits, peas, and beans.
Of course you can achieve weight loss with laxatives, but the fats are still left in your body, and...
Excess and prolonged use of laxatives can also lead to cathartic colon. Excessive abuse of laxatives could lead to permanent damage to your intestinal tract as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including softening and weakening bones, which is a condition called osteomalacia.
Another potential problem of using laxatives for weight loss, it is dehydration and the loss of electrolytes.
You are much more prone to dehydration rather than permanent weight loss when you take laxatives for weight loss.
Dehydration and electrolyte loss are very serious, and in severe cases, can have deadly consequences.
An electrolyte imbalance in the body can lead to muscle pain, spasms, fainting spells, irregular heartbeat, and in some cases even death.
Electrolytes are essentially salts that play a critical role in ensuring that your muscles, nerves, and brain continue to function normally...
They are needed at specific concentrations and in just the right ratio to each other, in order to facilitate proper functioning of nerves and muscles.
Also, some Diet pills contain laxatives that stimulate the digestive system and which can cause severe diarrhea. And steady diarrhea prevents proper absorption of food and can lead to dehydration because of water-loss, and also vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which could have bad effects on health.
Abuse of laxatives for weight loss is a common practice among people who suffer from bulimia and anorexia nervosa.  
Abuse of laxatives can even cause things like heart palpitations and kidney disease, so it doesn’t help if you use laxatives to lose weight.
Women are more prone to using Laxatives, however it’s not known whether Laxatives interfere with their menstrual cycle or fertility, but women should stop using Laxative teas if they noticed any increased menstrual cramps.
Rather than wanting to lose weight quickly with laxatives, you should learn how easy it is to get rid of excess fat... when you know the Secrets.
You don’t need laxatives for weight loss!
Why do something that could harm you without losing fat. It’s not about how much you weigh, it’s about “How You Look”!
Are you slim & trim, or are you carrying extra fat? 
Taking laxatives will not make you lose weight, therefore taking laxatives to lose weight is not the answer.
So instead of trying to lose weight quickly with laxatives...
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