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Armand Dupuis


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Hi...  I'm Armand Dupuis Founder of the Slim America Weight Loss Project, & of our Dietless Slimming Weight-Loss System which Evolved as a result of over 30 Years of Experience as a Successful Dietless Slimming Coach. (As of Jan, 2012)

How I Got Involved with Weight-Loss Was Actually an Accident.  It happened in 1981, however...

My Journey in the Exploration of weight control really began in 1955 (at the age of 14), when I began to Study what has become My Lifelong Passion...   The Human Mind and Human Consciousness, because...

Here Lay the Secrets to Permanent Dietless Slimming!

By 1981 my friend Walter Tillner and I were Teaching Memory and Personal Development Courses; in Toronto Canada (I’m Canadian).

That's When It Happened!

You see, we were teaching people how to improve their lives (The Entelechy Teachings), easily and almost effortlessly. How to become more Successful in Life in numerous ways (one of which was how to easily change lifelong habits), and...

We soon Discovered, that a sizable percentage of our students wanted to change “Eating Habits” because they wanted to lose weight.

They Were Sick and Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting!

Most of them were people who had been on numerous diets, and of course always eventually gained back more weight than they had lost on the diet.

So what happened was that everyone in the class shared information on healthier eating (they were all Veterans of the Diet Wars), and we settled on an easy exercise that everyone could do, then...

I showed them “how to easily make the new lifestyle changes” they wanted, by “Applying the Principles” which they were Learning in Class instead of struggling with Willpower, and...

A New Weight-Loss System Was Born!

Everyone was losing weight, sometimes after years of struggle, and our Dietless Slimming System started to evolve from there.

My primary Passion in Life has always been Personal Growth & Talent Development, but the weight-loss issue always seemed to keep coming up in my Classes over the years, and as a result I’ve Revealed these Secrets to hundreds of people up until 1996, because that’s when...

Some New Knowledge came my way, and the Dietless Slimming Program as we know it today was born.

This Was The Breakthrough!

Between the middle of January 1996 and the end of May 1996, we put about 200 People through the Program and...

“The Results Were Just Awesome”, because...

Everyone Was Losing Some Serious Weight
“Without Dieting” and without doing any kind of strenuous exercises.

I Knew we had Something!

The next question was: "How Do We Spread These Secrets?"

Unfortunately by that time, we were in the middle of a move, looking for an Acreage to build an Energy Self-Sufficient Home on. (Done)

Also, being on "The Lecture Circuit" for the rest of my life, was not appealing to me, however...

The Internet Provided the Answer!

Old & New Working in Synergy

Most of the methods which we teach are not new (many are), however they are not being taught by over 95% of Weight-loss Clinics and Fitness Centers, and even those that do teach some of it, they only teach a “tiny percentage” of what is included in our Dietless Slimming System, so you can’t get this Knowledge anywhere else.

The Missing Link in Weight Loss!

However The Most Important Factor of all for Permanent weight loss Success is missing in all weight loss Clinics, it’s not being taught at all, anywhere else except here that I know of.

That's Why the Failure Rate Is over 98% in the overall Weight-Loss Industry .

The Missing-Link is “Revealed Completely” in the Dietless Slimming System...

Losing Weight Is Not the Problem!

The Reality is that losing weight "is not the issue", because there are thousands of diets that will work for weight loss if you follow them, however...

The Real Problem Is Keeping it off!

Once you understand the real problem, the Solution becomes self-evident, and that Solution will not be found in today's present "Weight-Loss Industry”, because the whole weight-loss industry is thriving on Failure.

If they taught you How to Succeed, they’d go out of business.

Think about it! You would never need them anymore, ever.

The Weight-Loss Industry Feeds On Your Failure!

If everyone were to lose the weight permanently, the whole weight-loss industry would close down, and it is estimated by experts that the “weight-loss industry” is worth around “$50 Billion a year”, just in the United States and Canada alone, so...

Look at How it Really Works

  1. The Weight-Loss Clinics get you to lose the weight “by dieting” which Guarantees you’ll gain it back!
  2. The Fitness Centers get you to work your butt off doing exercises which are “mostly burning sugar” instead of fat!
  3. The Quacks are waiting to collect "Tens of Thousands of Your Hard-Earned Money" when you "Go Under the Knife"(many die) after the 1st Two Fail.

  Are you beginning to see the real problem?

Do you "Smell the Rat" yet?

Why would you want to throw away your hard-earned money only to fail again, and just so that some Weight-loss Guru can spend “your money” on a Luxury Yacht or something.

You Don’t Have to Believe Me!

You don't have to take my word for it, just open your eyes and look around you at the results. The next time you go to a Mall, just sit down for 15 or 20 minutes and do nothing but observe the people walking by, and then you decide for yourself what kind of “Value” we’re getting for our $50 Billion a Year.

What's Different Here?

So what's different about my Dietless Slimming System, and why wouldn't I do the same thing as the weight-loss industry?

  1. First of all, I didn't plan to go into this business, it came to me.
  2. Secondly, most of my life has been spent helping people to Succeed, so I prefer to Help You in such a way so that you Keep-it-Off for Life, I sleep better at nights that way.
  3. Third, just in the US and Canada alone, there are well over 200 million people who are overweight, so I'll never run out of new Students.
  4. Only by Having “The Real Thing”, does every Student becomes a walking, talking, free advertisement.


Yes if you want to Achieve your Goals and “become slim 4 Life” you have some Learning to do, but more importantly…

You have even more “Un-Learning” to do, because the whole weight-loss industry is full of Myths and Mis-information, and since all that Knowledge & Information did not work for you (or you wouldn’t be reading this right now), then…

It's just common sense that the answer has to lie in another direction entirely, and…

That’s why the Dietless Slimming System was Born:

To Teach You How to Lose The Weight For Life!

What’s the point in losing the same 20 or 30 Pounds over and over again?

Let’s face it, losing weight by dieting is a struggle and it gets pretty discouraging when you struggle to stick to a Starvation Diet, and then work your Butt off at the Gym, only to gain it all back and then some, but fortunately...

Our Dietless Slimming System is Changing All That!

The Slim America Weight Loss Project’s Dietless Slimming Program, represents a Major Paradigm Shift in weight control.

What’s Different about Dietless Slimming?

  • It’s Fast – Realistically... You can lose 15 to 20 Lbs per Month without dieting, if you take it seriously.
  • It's Easy - No more struggles just to lose a couple of pounds.
  • No Dieting - You'll never have to starve yourself or go hungry ever again.
  • No Strenuous Exercises - We only recommend a “Special Kind” of walking (it’s easy), nothing else.
  • Keep It off – Are you fed up with Regaining? You'll be losing the weight in such a way that it stays off.

Most weight-loss programs are the exact opposite. With most weight-loss programs you usually lose the weight fairly slowly and it’s really tough because you're dieting and depriving yourself.

The exercises you normally have to do, require that you have to work your butt off without much results, and then...

All the weight is going to come back on, and usually with a few extra pounds as a bonus. No wonder weight loss is so depressing, but it doesn't have to be like that.

Fast Weight Loss!

Everyone believes that the faster you lose the weight, the faster you’re going to gain it all back, but... "That's Not True".

That's only “True” if you lose the weight by dieting!

Realize that the only reason you gain it back after dieting, is because the dieting process itself has slowed down your Metabolism, and that's why you gain it all back.

With a Dietless Slimming System on the other hand...

You will “NOT” slow down your Metabolism, because you're not dieting, so with Dietless Slimming you can lose the weight as fast as you want and keep it off, and also...

It's the Easiest Program Ever!

Essentially, if you're not dieting, it has to be easy because it's the dieting that's the hard part in weight loss, you know that.

Just think about it. If the only exercise you're doing is walking, plus you're not dieting, and you can lose the weight faster than by dieting, that's what I call "Real Easy".

Dietless Slimming Revealed!

Our Dietless Slimming Program is being Revealed to the general public for the very first time, and it is delivered in “7 Powerful Lessons” which contain everything you’ll ever have to know, to lose the weight for life.

These Seven Powerful Lessons contain the Secrets to Success in the three most important Elements of Successful Permanent Weight Loss.

The Secrets to the Big Three

The three Main elements which you have to successfully navigate in order to achieve permanent success are...

  1. Food - You can eat as much as you like, within very simple and easy to follow Guidelines.
  2. Exercise - No more hard exercises like weightlifting, running, etc., just a special kind of walking (we teach you close to a dozen secrets about walking). Hint: “Going for the burn”, burns mostly Sugar, “Not Fat”.
  3. Behaviour Modification - You'll never have to struggle with willpower, because I'll show you how to make some simple changes to your Lifestyle easily and almost effortlessly.

That last one is Critical because, I can teach you the most fantastic Success Principles in the world, however...

Unless you can integrate those Principles into your Lifestyle and into your Being, then they would be worth absolutely nothing to you, but...

Look What the Lessons Contain!

  1. Dietless Slimming 101 The First Lesson is Free!
  2. The Quick-Start - The Next Lesson contains all the essential elements to get you “started” losing weight immediately. (The theory comes in later Lessons)
  3. The Entelechy Teachings – The 3rd Lesson shows you how to successfully make lifestyle changes “without struggling with willpower”. The Struggle Is over!
  4. Metabolism – The next Lesson totally "Demystifies Metabolism", and one of the biggest problems in weight control becomes real easy once you know the Secrets.
  5. Food - The Food Lesson is going to shock you because it's so easy compared to dieting, so get ready for a “Pleasant Surprise”.
  6. Fast-Track - This next Lesson shows you how to "Supercharge" your program for Really Fast weight loss.......
  7. Summary  The Last Lesson wraps it all up for you!

The 7 Lessons Are Pre-Recorded

All seven lessons are Pre-Recorded so you can progress at your own speed, and you can download them to your own computer, and listen to them as often as you wish.

Plus... There's also Bonus Lessons Included!

Live Support!

Weekly Live Support is as close & as Private as your Own Computer.

For a limited time only, new Members will get"one month" of free live weekly support in our Member's Lounge, and...

We'll show you how you can qualify to get weekly free support after the first month, so...

Save Time & Money!

No need to waste your time driving to a Weight Loss clinic, burning gas, looking for parking etc...

Just so that someone else can "weigh you" and tell you to try harder, that's just a waste of your time & money.

It's Time for Change!

Give up on Dieting, and Succeed with Dietless Slimming, because...

Now for the first time, our Dietless Slimming System is being fully released Worldwide, Revealing...

Secrets That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

Just look at what a few of our Students are saying...

Vero Garcia, Nanaimo, BC

Hi Armand...the lessons are awesome!! I’ve just lost 12 inches!

Janet W. Quebec, Canada

Hi Armand, I was sorry I missed you. I HAVE been putting each lesson into practice and am absolutely loving it! I honestly CANNOT believe it is this simple! And yes, everything you say is soooo true! Some of the lessons really crack me up! They are so true-to-life! I find myself getting up extra early on the mornings I am to receive the next lesson. What a pleasure and a joy it has been and...

Carlie S. Akron, Ohio

I FOUND THE SOLUTION without surgery and without dieting!!! I only joined 3 months ago and I'm already down 3 sizes. :-) I've already lost 35 pounds and over 50 inches. I always thought it was hopeless :-(   It's not!!!

Then a few months later Carlie said...

Hi Armand, I listen to the tapes and I think that you found the right way to do this program. The tapes are great. I would not change anything on them; this is some of your best work...  I want to thank you for my new life.  I could not have done this without your tapes and classes.

Your Friend Carlie

If you can show me that you’ve followed our simple Dietless Slimming Program & it didn’t work for you, then I’ll personally help you to find the answer and achieve Success. If that doesn’t work, I’ll refund your money.
Armand Dupuis


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