Adult Stem Cells
The Key to Health & Weight Loss

What are stem cells, and what do they have to do with health and weight loss?

Stem cells are different than any other cells in the body because a stem cell is able to become any other cell or tissue type. The implications of this are Mind-Boggling!

CNN reported that the recent advances in stem cell research were listed as one of the most significant health-related stories in the past 25 years, almost as important as mapping the human genome.

What are stem cells really?

Stem cells can be thought of as “Master Cells", and most of the Media coverage has focused on Embryonic stem cells (a stem cell from a fetus), because of all the Ethical, Moral, and Religious controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells. After all, it's controversy that sells newspapers etc. However...

There are two other types of stem cells known to Science that are less known to the general public. One is Cord blood stem cell – a stem cell isolated from the blood in the umbilical cord from a new born baby. There are much fewer ethical concerns attached to the use of cord blood cells, because the cord blood is a “waste product”. Some people even pay to have their child’s cord blood frozen for later use, should the child need stem cells later in life.

For years, the scientific belief has been that embryonic stem cells and cord blood stem cells are the only cells that are so primitive, that they are capable of becoming almost any other cell, however...

Scientific Adult Stem Cell Discoveries

The most recent Scientific Discoveries has changed all that. Today Scientists have discovered that an Adult stem cell - a stem cell from an adult person, also has the potential to become virtually any type of cell in the human body. Actually the term "adult stem cells" is a misnomer, because the stem cells in a newborn baby are also adult stem cells. Just a few years ago, these stem cells were believed to be limited to making only blood cells. We now have some scientific evidence that these stem cells have a great deal of potential, and many Scientists believe that adult stem cells are the Master Cells responsible for the renewal and regeneration of the human body from birth to death.

Adult stem cells are found in most human tissue, but are most abundantly found in bone marrow. Stem cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health. This ability allows them to replace cells that have died. With this ability, they have been used to replace defective cells/tissues in patients who have certain diseases or defects, or have suffered injuries.

To keep this simple, lets say that you injure or damage your heart. The injured heart or injured cells release a couple of chemicals into your bloodstream, one of which tells the bone marrow to release more stem cells, and the other tells them where to go. When these millions of stem cells reach your heart, they quickly multiply themselves, and millions become billions, and these new stem cells can do two things. They somehow seem to help the injured cells to repair themselves, and they also morph themselves to become new heart cells. (Any that don't get used goes back into your bloodstream and then back into your blood marrow for later use)

In the same way, it is now believed by most Scientists that adult stem cells can become any cell in the human body, be it heart cells, lung cells, liver cells, pancreatic cells, skin cells etc, and even all the cells in the immune system, so while the main research focus for many diseases was focused on gene therapy in the 1990's, today the focus has shifted to research on how to put stem cells into patients. The real question here is: Why is this necessary if we have an abundance of adult stem cells in our own body?

The answer is quite simple. As we age, both the quality and the quantity of the adult stem cells released by the bone marrow decreases. They're still there in the bone marrow, but for some reason that Scientists haven't quite figured out yet, a lot less are released, therefore...

As we age, eventually there are not enough adult stem cells available to do all the needed repairs, so different organs begin to deteriorate and break down until eventually... we die!

Inflammation & Stem Cells

Another hot topic in today’s stem cell research is inflammation! Stem cells seem to “sense” where to go for repair, however some Scientists are beginning to believe that Inflammation may confuse this “sensing” [reference: Mourkioti F, Rosenthal N: IGF-1, inflammation and stem cells: interactions during muscle regeneration. Trends in Immunology 26(10): 535-542, October 2005.]

A lot of people suffer from inflammation today, and especially low-grade inflammation which people may not even be aware of, but could greatly impact health & regeneration of all tissues in the body, especially the organs which are critical to health & wellness.

The key issue here is that if your bone marrow doesn't release enough stem cells to do the needed repairs, you really have no way to heal properly. You don't have the adult stem cells to become new heart cells, pancreatic cells etc

Today Scientists are putting a lot focus on finding ways to develop chemicals or drugs that would allow more stem cells to be mobilized out of your bone marrow. because they have come to realize that it could contain the key to regeneration & healing, so...

How could this impact weight loss?

There are numerous ways which this could affect weight loss which we discuss in our weight loss support classes, but one of the easiest to understand is exercise. It's common knowledge that it is practically impossible to lose weight permanently without exercise, but that being said, over 95 % of all the exercises that people do to burn fat, burns mostly sugar. That's why the fat is so difficult to burn off.

That's why we only recommend walking for fat burning & rebuilding the Metabolism, but even here ordinary walking won't do it. There's about 10 Secrets which we teach in our weight loss Lessons about walking, in order to turn ordinary walking into an effective fat burner & Metabolism rebuilder, but that's a different subject.

The real question is: "How Does Your Body Rebuild Muscle Tissue?" It doesn't matter if you are trying to rebuild fat burning muscle mass or sugar burning mass (most so-called Fitness Experts don't know the Difference), the process is the same.

It's common knowledge that when you exercise, muscle tissue breaks down and your body builds more & bigger muscle mass, but... How does it do that?

Where do the New Muscles Cells Come From?

Do they just appear by Magic? Of course not! You need adult stem cells that will become new muscle cells. If you don't have enough adult stem cells available, it seems that you can't build new muscle cells, be they fat burning muscle cells, or the sugar burning muscle cells of body builders and intense exercise, and that brings us to...

A New Major Scientific Discovery!

A recent Discovery just released on the market in late 2005 is Boosting the Mobilization of adult stem cells from the bone marrow by up to 30%. It's a totally Natural product that's Organic & Kosher, which is concentrated from a whole food that's been consumed by millions of people for over two decades now. Personally, I've been consuming this food product for about 19 years now, and it's been recently discovered that by consuming large quantities of this whole food supplement, wonderful things have been happening in the body, including the release of 25% to 30% more stem cells from the bone marrow! However...

The quantities required was not very practical on a day to day basis, but...

Here's the Good News!

Recent Scientific Discoveries have Revealed how to "Concentrate" this food product so that only 2 small capsules will give the effect of Boosting the release of adult stem cells from 25% to 30%! This has been Clinically Proven in Double Blind Studies.

How does it work?
When you take two capsules, the ingredients help to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Through a natural process, those stem cells then travel to areas of the body where they are most needed.

The results have been nothing less than Astonishing! Scientific Reasearch has Revealed that the two compounds which injured cells release into the bloodstream (to tell the bone marrow to release more stem cells & tell them where to go), are contained in the original food product, and of course in the concentrate (that was the purpose of the concentration), but that's not all...

Also contained in the concentrate is a Natural & Powerful anti-inflamatory compound, plus... another compound which your brain releases when you have a feeling of euphoria, so...

Not only does this breakthrough product Enhance the body's ability to do what it does naturally (if it had enough stem cells), but it also makes people feel good with lots more energy.

Please realize that on this web site, I only recommend products & tools that I use personally, but...

On a weight loss level, years ago I discovered that I could build a lot more muscle mass by using the original whole food combined with a few herbs, so I can't wait to see how much better the fat burning will be with the concentrate. I didn't know why it had this effect although I was consuming a lot of it, but now I realize that it had to do with the release of more stem cells, which morphed themselves into muscles cells.

Based on all the recent Scientific Discoveries, my opinion is that: that's the only place that new muscle cells can come from!

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